This is so freaking funny; a cow comes to the man and falls on his body to do some romance and enjoy the lovely evening with a handsome man.
12 Sep 2017
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This girl just wasted a lot of champagne but no one disappointed as it was worth the show. Thank god she did not break the bottle.
16 Apr 2019
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Tattoos are painful, as demonstrated by the myriad of expressions on this girl’s face. Watch her face carefully to see how many different ways exist to express your pain!
24 Dec 2018
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The "Experiment in Terra" telemovie is the only Battlestar Galactica telemovie which actually features new footage. Back in the 1980's, MCA's T.V. distribution took episodes of Battlestar Galatica and made a number of feature length "Telemovies" by (In most cases) re-editing two episodes of the 1978/79 series into one story. These "Telemovies" had been sold around the world for broadcast as stand alone programing. A number of the newly created edits did contain footage that was not part of the original episode versions. But of all the "Telemovie" edits, only one had newly created footage inserted into it, and it's also the only "Telemovie" to use an episode of the original series combined with an episode of Galactica 1980 ("The Return of Starbuck")!
20 Jun 2007
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This guy had planned out the most romantic proposal ever for his girlfriend, but alas she walked away leaving him kneeling behind.
31 May 2019
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You cannot push someone into the swimming pool from that far away, however, this guy learned t later when he also fell in with the girl he was pushing.
30 May 2018
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The woman is just showing the traditional way of losing weight. If someone can do this, he or she will definitely be successful in losing weight.
21 Oct 2018
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