Cannabis is being used to treat patients suffering from cancer, so it makes no sense to smoke cannabis and risk inhaling harmful toxins, when you can consume it in a tastier and healthier manner. Cannabis Medibles come in all forms and products, from oils and butters to cook with to gummies, sweets and confectionary items being sold at dispensaries, you are truly spoiled for choice. So why smoke cannabis when the healthier way is so much sweeter!
  • 11 Oct 2017
  • 27
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Vaporizing your cannabis has proved to be a lot healthier than smoking it. Many users have also found that in addition to vaporizers being less harmful for you they also make the cannabis experience a lot smoother, hassle free and discreet. There are so many vaporizers available in the market today and there are a number of products like dabs and shatters which can be used with this electronic device that it’s often an impossible task to choose just one. Vaping cannabis is the way forward so jump on to the vape train and say good bye to smoking.
  • 7 Oct 2017
  • 35
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