How to Replace Your Car Battery Car batteries are built to last for five years. Changing a battery is an easy task which requires limited tools. Check if it Needs To Be Replaced  Check if your old battery has sulfate deposits which form as a blue residue.  Check if your battery has been given enough time to recharge properly.  Check the alternator to ensure that it is functioning properly. Choose the right battery Make sure that you choose the battery that suits your car by:  Checking the dimensions of your old battery.  Specifying your car’s make model and engine size to the vendor.  Purchasing a battery which supports the battery tray size. Before removing the battery  Park your car on a flat surface away from traffic.  Make sure that you work in a well ventilated environment.  Wear safety goggles and protective gloves.  Switch off all electrical components and apply the parking brake.  Ensure that there are no flammable materials present in the garage.  Remove the cigarette lighter to avoid fire accident.  Make sure that the bonnet remains open until the process is complete. Tools which you will require  A new battery.  Battery lithium grease or petroleum jelly.  Two adjustable wrenches.  A wire brush to clean the terminals.  A pair of safety goggles and rubber gloves. Remove the battery  In most cars the battery is located in the side of the car’s frame.  In some cars they are locate under the matting of the boot/trunk.  The positive terminal will be covered by a red colored cap  The negative terminal will be covered with a black colored cap.  Disconnect the negative terminal by loosening the clamp with a wrench.  Disconnect the negative terminal before the positive terminal.  Unfasten the screws which hold the battery in the frame (if present). Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Car Battery Replacement Services in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/car-battery-replacement
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Advantages of Window Tinting • Window tinting is an effective way to avoid harmful radiations from the sun. • Tinting your window prevents sun burns, skin cancer and other similar infections. • Film tints can be applied on all types of glass panel windows, they are mostly applied on, car windshields and toughened glass on skyscrapers. • Some tinting films are designed to reflect harmful UV or Infrared radiations. Advantages of tinting your window • In hot weather conditions tinted windows cut down heat within the vehicle or home. • They help increase the efficiency of air conditioners and provide effective heat dissipation. • In cold weather conditions some films are designed to reflect interior heat inwards providing a warm atmosphere. • Tinted windows help protect home and car upholstery from fading due to excess heat. • They reduce glare and provide privacy to the users. • They are cost effective, shatter proof and easy to install Types of window tinting film Window tinting films are designed in different ways to suit different situations. Dyed Window Tint Film • This film comprises of a dye which is in a layer next to the film, this adds color to the glass. • This dye blocks sunlight by absorbing the rays. • Dyed window tinting film is the cheapest in the market. Metalized film • Metalized film is made up of small metallic particles which are embedded within the film. • These metallic particles block sunlight by reflecting it rather than absorbing it. • Metalized tinting films create a shiny appearance on the glass. Carbon Window Tint Film • Carbon tinting films come in dark and matte finish. • They are highly effective in block infrared and UV radiations. • Carbon tinting films are highly durable and do not fade with respect to time. Visit yellowpages-uae com to get Window Tinting Services in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/window-tinting
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1. A Power Tool is a tool that is powered and actuated by an electric motor. Power tools also include those that are powered by sources other than manual and electric power. 2. Power tool are commonly used in many different tasks like, a. Cutting, b. Drilling, c. Grinding, d. Shaping, e. Polishing, f. Driving Fasteners, and g. Heating. 3. The list of power tools that exist today is nearly endless. Today, there are power tools for almost any task, and are used in homes and various industries from building to Tailoring. 4. Here is a list of a few common power tools and a few unique and weird ways that you could use them. 5. Power Drill - Power drills have been used for many things from prepping for paint and cleaning dishes to polishing surfaces for a smooth and shiny finish. 6. Another unique use, sure to raise your eyebrow, is to open a wine bottle. Nothing should stand between you and a good bottle of wine, not even a missing corkscrew. 7. Paint Stirrer - Why use a paint stirrer to stir paint when you can use it to stir gravy? This is a brilliant hack for people who love gravy more than paint. 8. Table Saw - There aren’t many used besides sawing for a table saw mounted to a table. The motor however can be used to make many things like a motorized fishing reel. 9. Air compressor - You can use an Air compressor to build a high-powered spud gun, sure to win you an A on your science project or a t-shirt gun. Visit YellowPages-UAE to find Traders and Suppliers of Power Tools in UAE and get started on your own DIY project today, i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/power-tools
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1. Steel gratings differ in their specifications to achieve certain results like to bear higher weights, provide better grip and last longer in extreme conditions. 2. The many possibilities of choices to achieve such results include variations in several features, such as a. Material, b. Bearing bar type, c. Bearing bar height & thickness, d. Bearing bar pitch, e. Cross bar pitch, and f. Type of finish. 3. Material: Though gratings can be made using metals, alloys, concrete, wood and other materials, the most common types are Mild steel gratings, and Stainless steel gratings. Choosing the right material for the right application is essential. For ex. Stainless steel gratings are ideal for use in exteriors or highly corrosive settings. 4. Bearing Bar Type: The bearing bar is the part of a grating that bears the main load of any object on its surface. These bars can be either Plain bearing bars, or Serrated bearing bars. Serrated bearing bars provide better grip than the plain types and help prevent many accidents at the workplace. 5. Bearing bar height and thickness: The amount of weight a grating can bear depends a great deal on the height and thickness of the bearing bars. 6. Bearing bar pitch: The pitch is the distance between two parallel bearing bars. Setting the bearing bars too far apart could make the grates weak and lowers its load bearing capacity. 7. Cross bar pitch and diameter: The thickness and distance between the cross bars also affect the strength of a grating. The thicker and closely placed the cross bars are, the better the strength of the grate. Visit Oasismetal Dubai for Different Types of Steel Gratings Specifications in UAE i e at www oasismetal net ae/gratings/possibilities
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NVR Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE 1. NVR systems, like DVRs are used in video recording for surveillance purposes. NVR is a software program that records media in a digital format, which can be saved to both physical and virtual drives. 2. Unlike DVRs, NVRs are distinct in the way they work, with input using a secure network instead of other means of input like cards and tuners. 3. The media recorded with an NVR is processed at the camera and streamed for display and storage, unlike DVRs where data is processed and encoded only at the DVR. 4. Today, there are a few hybrid systems that embody the features of both these technologies, offering users with the ability to choose between the two every time. 5. NVRs are generally wireless and can be installed with ease. Here are a few feature that set them apart. a. Ease of Remote Access, b. Real-time notifications and updates, c. Advanced storage options, and d. Secure surveillance. 6. Remote Access: Since the media recorded with these systems are processed at the camera and streamed over a wireless network, the feed can be accessed at any time and at any place on an authorized device. 7. Notifications & Updates: These systems can be coded and integrated to send owners and authorized parties notifications if an alarm is triggered. 8. Storage: These systems come with an wide range of storage options from local storage on hard drives to secure cloud storage capabilities, making these systems all the more flexible. 9. Secure Surveillance: NVR technology is typically integrated in an IP video surveillance system, which offer secure access to stored media and live surveillance feed to authorized devices and users. Visit Oasisppd eStore to know more about NVR Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE *******www oasisppd com/estore/index php?module=view/category&MsID=4
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Calibration – Types and applications 1. Calibration is a method used to test and adjust machines to maintain accuracy in the working of a machines, devices and other equipment. 2. Calibration services are used in multiple sectors, such as: a. Connectivity, b. Home entertainment, c. Production plants, d. Mechanical, e. Automotive, f. Power distribution, and more. 3. Though calibration in general refers to measuring and rectifying errors in the working of equipment, there are many methods of calibration in use today. 4. The most common techniques of calibration used are: a. Mechanical calibration, b. Electrical calibration, c. Temperature calibration, and d. Pressure calibration. 5. Mechanical calibration: mechanical calibration is used to test various mechanical equipment like torque wrenches, accelerometers, micrometers and load cells. This process is usually carried out in a controlled facility, where various elements can be safely tested 6. Electrical calibration: This technique is used to test and measure the frequency, voltage, and resistance of current and electrical equipment. this technique is commonly used to calibrate equipment like Data loggers, Counters and timers, Loop testers, Multi-meters, and Insulation testers. 7. Temperature calibration: Both temperature and humidity calibration is performed in a controlled environment. These techniques use many instruments in the calibration process, such as Humidity recorders, Thermometers, Weather stations, Infrared meters, Data indicators, and Thermal cameras. 8. Pressure calibration: pressure calibration is used to measure gas and hydraulic pressure. Pressure balance and calibration instruments are used along with various gauges to determine the pressure and make adjustments accordingly. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Calibration Services Companies in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/calibration-services
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How does Promotional Merchandise affect your business?  Promotional products have proven to be one of the most effective forms of low-budget high-impact marketing.  Here are a few ways in which promotional gifts or products enhance your business.  Tangible Marketing Promotional gifts are usually tangible and portable products through which the name of your business could spread quickly.  Cost-effective There is no better option than promotional gifts when it comes to cost-effective marketing. Studies have shown that promotional merchandise brings the best return on investment when compared to any other marketing strategy.  Goodwill You could create a feeling of goodwill in the minds of customers which could lead to unsolicited word of mouth publicity.  Giving away a freebie always promotes a feeling of gratitude and customers tend to reciprocate to your kind gesture. Studies have shown that 52% of people who receive promotional products did business with the company. Improve Brand Recognition • Brand recognition is achieved when customers are repeatedly exposed to a company’s brand, logo or slogan. • With promotional merchandise you could expose your brand to customers. • Promotional gifts serve as a constant reminder of the brand or service to the customer. • Studies have proven that 39% of people who receive promotional gifts remember the name of the company. • It would also continue to advertise your business for as long as the product is in use. Therefore, corporate gifts or promotional products can give your brand a great boost through increased brand recognition and better return on investment. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Promotional Products & Gift Articles Suppliers in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/promotional-gifts
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What do Brand Managers do???  Brand managers oversee the promotion, sales and the overall image of a branded product or service  He or she controls every aspect of the brand, from marketing and advertising campaigns to production decisions and sales strategies  The primary task of a brand manager is to promote a brand and improve the way customers and potential clients see the products and service offered by the organization  A brand manager would have to collaborate with employees from different departments including marketing, sales and product designers  He or she would have to carry out an extensive market research to figure out what would be a realistic approach to improve the brand  Market research involves: Demographic sampling, Statistical and Creation of test markets  Brand managers work closely with advertising teams and design effective advertising campaigns, social networking and other online campaigns  A brand manager also ensures that a project is kept within a strict budget And so, is a part of the meetings and discussions regarding where and how a product is manufactured  The brand manager bears responsibility for the success or failure of the brand Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Top Brand Management Consultant Companies in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/brand-management
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Types of Tower cranes A tower crane is one of the most efficient types of cranes when it comes to lifting weights at great heights, It can lift objects that weigh about 10,000 kilograms to a height of 200 meters, The different types of tower cranes are hammerhead cranes, a-frame tower cranes, flat top tower cranes, self-erecting tower cranes, portal tower cranes and the luffing jib tower crane, A Hammerhead crane as the name suggests, resembles a hammerhead with a long horizontal jib over the worksite, It has a trolley that moves along the jib and has a cab for the operator at the intersection of the jib and the tower, An additional crane is required to erect a tower crane but a self-erecting tower crane can erect itself without the need of a second crane, Self-erecting cranes can be remote controlled from the ground, Portal tower cranes are used for permanent applications like a shipyard or a factory, It is a type of tower crane that is setup to run along a track or rail, Flat top tower cranes do not have the “top” that conventional cranes have, These cranes are ideal for use at sites where there are height restrictions such as airport flight paths, Luffing jib cranes are ideal for urban use because they require little room for slewing motions and have an outstanding reach, Visit yellowpages-uae,com to Contact Tower Cranes Suppliers & Rental Services in UAE i,e, at *******www,yellowpages-uae,com/uae/tower-cranes
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A safe is a box that is secured with a lock to protect valuables that are placed in them from theft or damage The different types of safes are diversion safes, fire resistant safes, wall safes, jewelry safes, burglar safes, environmental resistant safes, and smart safes A diversion safe is a safe that is built to resemble to look like another object that is placed in a room It is one of the most common types of safes and is used to store objects inconspicuously Fire resistant safes are made with materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures Certain fire resistant safes are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures for durations of up to 4 hours Wall safes are installed in walls and can easily be concealed with a piece of furniture or paintings It can also be installed in various wall thicknesses Jewelry safes are made with internal chests with fine fabrics and wood to store jewelry Jewelry safes are a combination of both; a burglar and fire resistant safe Burglar resistant safes are resistant to various tools that could be used to break into the safe Environment resistant safes are resistant to certain elements of nature It is specifically designed to protect the objects that are in the safe during a natural disaster These safes undergo a safe fall test to record the resistant of a safe when it falls from a certain height or when debris falls on it during a fire ATM machines and coin dispensers are types of smart safes It is designed to automatically dispense cash creating a safer transaction environment and eliminating the need for personal transaction Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Safes and Vaults Manufacturers in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/safes-and-vaults
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Benefits of Structural Steel 1. Structural steel in recent times has been used extensively in the construction industry 2. Structural steel refers to steel that has been shaped in particular cross sections or shapes and have specific values of strength and chemical composition 3. When structural steel is used in construction it provides the engineer or designer with the advantage of designing even the most complex structures 4. Eco-friendly i) 88% of structural steel is manufactured from recycled goods and is therefore beneficial to the environment 5. Unlike other buildings structural steel buildings can be easily modified even after the structure is fully constructed and complete 6. Very often buildings that are constructed need to be modified to install bigger doors or for an additional staircase or to accommodate heavy machinery These modifications could be carried out easily with the use of structural steel 7. To modify a structural steel building all that needs to be done is to remove a portion of the structure which is held together by fasteners 8. Structural steel buildings are lightweight and at the same time provide maximum strength 9. When there is a need to increase the weight bearing capacity of the building, the building could be made stronger with the addition of more steel to the structure 10. Structural steel buildings are one of the most inexpensive buildings 11. The quality of structural steel components are tested during each stage of the manufacturing process Therefore there is assurance of quality and dependability 12. There is more space inside the building because structural steel columns occupy 75% lesser space that concrete columns 13. It is one of the most durable construction materials Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Structural Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i e *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/structural-steel-products
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Types of Water Meters and their uses 1. A water meter are devices that are used to analyze the characteristics of water which includes its pH level, salinity, acidity, speed of flow and so on 2. The following are the different kinds of water meters that are designed to observe specific characteristics of water Water velocity or current meters Water pH meters Salinometer Water temperature gauge Water Flow meters 3. Water Velocity or Current Meters Water velocity meters are used to calculate the volume of water When the water passes through the meter, the velocity is calculated which is then used to measure the volume of the water flowing Some of the common types of water velocity meters such as multi-jet meters, turbine meters or compound meters 4. Water pH Meters Water pH meters calculate the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid Water pH meters are used in swimming pools, water supply systems, laboratories, healthcare facilities, breweries and The agriculture industry 5. Salinometer A salinometer is used to measure the salt content in the water 6. Water Temperature Gauge Water temperature gauges are used to detect the temperature of the water It is used in automobiles that have a water cooling system, when the temperature of the water in the system increases beyond a certain limit, it is an indication of possible issues such as a collapsed radiator hose, shortage of water in the system, or a broken fan belt and so on 7. There are four types of water temperature gauges Thermal guage Bi-metallic gauge Moving iron indicator gauge Mechanical water temperature gauge 8. Water Flow Meters A water flow meter is used to monitor the supply of water to residential or commercial facilities Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Water Meters Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/water-meters
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Home Automation has been a work in progress for several decades With complete control of home systems and appliances, Today, automation is at its peak Smart homes are the latest in luxury living, A few of its applications include: Automated lighting: lighting systems can be controlled remotely or through smart controls These smart controls include motion sensors and heat sensors Motion controlled Automated lighting is an effective power-saving technique, It saves power using only those lights in rooms with activity Security and Surveillance: With Home automation, you can -Remotely control surveillance equipment, and -Enjoy the ease of remote access control Smart security systems have proven to be extremely secure Homeowners get security updates when -invalid PIN/passwords are entered, -someone breaks in, and -when doors are left unlocked or open Smart Sensors: Smart sensors include heat and motion sensors Automation uses these sensors to -save power, and -detect threats like fires and burglars Today, Automation includes appliances that are not internet-connected IP-controlled power switches allow users to remotely power on/off appliances from anywhere Constant and rapid development in this field holds promises of complete control and effective power-saving features, with smart logical programming Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Home Automation Products Services in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/home-automation
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Automatic Automatic Control or Automation refers the application of various control systems in Industrial processes in homes, factories, telecommunication, ship steering, and machine operation with minimal human intervention Applications There has been a humongous leap with increasing applications of complete and partial automation in various Industrial sectors across the globe The following are some Industries that have adopted automated processes in their operations Automated Retail The food retail Industry has adapted automation in the ordering process, with touchscreen ordering and payment systems Automated Video Surveillance Automated Waste Management Lab Automation Automated Mining Home Automation Industrial Automation Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Automation Equipment System Manufacturers in UAE i e *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/automation-equipment-and-systems
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Dehumidifiers are home appliances that are used to reduce the humidity inside a house or building The reduction of excess humidity inside a house has various benefits such as reducing the number of allergens that could cause sickness and also reduces odors There are three types of dehumidifiers such as heat pump dehumidifiers, chemical absorbent dehumidifiers and ventilating dehumidifiers Heat pump dehumidifiers are the most common type of dehumidifier and are also called refrigerant dehumidifiers A heat pump dehumidifier has a fan that draws the moist air from the room into the appliance The air is then passed through a heat exchanger or condenser coils where the moisture from the air is turned into a liquid which is then drained out and the dry air is sent back into the room Chemical absorbent dehumidifiers use a desiccant absorbent like silica gel to absorb the moisture which is then sent out through a vent This type of dehumidifier is commonly used in extremely hot conditions or for industrial applications The most inexpensive type of dehumidifier is the ventilating dehumidifier which pumps the moist air out through a vent Visit yellowpages-uae com to know more about Dehumidifiers Products Manufacturers in Dubai i e at www yellowpages-uae com/uae/dubai/dehumidifiers
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Fire blankets are manufactured from wool or fiberglass or other fire resistant materials They may also be chemically treated to increase the fire-resistant capacity of the blanket Fire blanket helps extinguish a fire by restricting the flow of oxygen to the object on fire, which would otherwise keep the fire burning Fire blankets could also be wrapped around a person while escaping through a fire There are different types of fire blankets on the market Each type of fire blanket is manufactured to put out fires that arise from different products The types of fire blankets are regular wool blankets, infant fire blanket, kitchen fire blankets, occupational fire blankets, and professional/EMS fire blankets Regular wool fire blankets could be used in any fire situation and are manufactured from retardant-treated wool An infant fire blanket is produced from special soft and lightweight materials and is used to protect children in the event of a fire A kitchen fire blanket is manufactured for household use and can efficiently put out small fires that may arise in a kitchen An occupational fire blanket is larger than the previously mentioned fire blankets and is used for workplaces where chemicals, oil, and other inflammable products are used Professional or Ems fire blankets are used by trained firefighters during a rescue operation Visit yellowpages-uaecom to know more about Fire Blankets Products Manufacturers in Dubai ie at *******wwwyellowpages-uaecom/uae/dubai/fire-blankets
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Advertising gifts are otherwise known as promotional products These products are marked with marked with an organization name or logo Promotional products are used to increase brand recognition and improves customer loyalty Advertising gifts are an effective marketing tool enabling marketers reach a large audience at a low cost It is an important strategy that is employed in the process of promoting a product Some of the promotional products that are most commonly gifted to customers are pens, coasters, calendars, yearbooks etc Promotional products are an alternate method of giving a customer a business card because it is a creative way to showcase contact information Advertising gifts are an efficient tool that can carry the message of an organization and since they are products that could be used on a daily basis, they serve as a constant reminder of the services provided by the organization to the customer Advertising gifts are also used by non-profit organizations to promote their cause Visit yellowpages-uaecom to contact Advertising Gift Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE ie at yellowpages-uae com/uae/advertising-gift-articles
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