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The world is full of beauty and...craziness? These 26 pictures show some of the weird people encountered in a subway. From Spiderman to women sitting on a sofa, they have it all.
  • 11 Dec 2018
  • 1 257
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After a whole working week finally people are able to see the weekend. They are getting out of hand and just don't care.
  • 7 Dec 2018
  • 2 552
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There are few things about a person that gives you the vibe that they might die alone in this world. I feel persons in this gallery fall into the above-mentioned category.
  • 5 Dec 2018
  • 3 119
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Normally we have a preference for the type of clothes we are going to wear. Some people don't have that, they will wear whatever they can get their hands on.
  • 3 Dec 2018
  • 4 141
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When it comes to weirdness there seems no limit. With every passing day, people create a new level which no knew was even possible.
  • 30 Nov 2018
  • 18 592
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If I had to guess then I will guess it started with a single person and then spread like Wildfire to the rest of the people. Weirdness has no cure.
  • 28 Nov 2018
  • 5 458
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For the most hated day of the week, we have a very special meme collection that will surely boost your mind. So hang in there and enjoy.
  • 26 Nov 2018
  • 871 277
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If you want to be dazzled by a woman's beauty then ask her to a pool date. The water will reveal the real face beneath the pile of makeup.
  • 25 Nov 2018
  • 18 433 558
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Feel pity for these poor souls for they have fallen into the trap known as friend zone. You can try but you can never escape.
  • 23 Nov 2018
  • 1 791 260
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If you don't believe photography is an art like painting or writing then this collection could be an eye-opener for you. Don't be shy, take a look.
  • 21 Nov 2018
  • 8 204
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The hardship is tremendous with sharp proof like this. You can try to dismiss or forget but there is no guarantee you can erase these situations from your mind.
  • 19 Nov 2018
  • 33 499
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The people responsible behind definitely should get a raise. They are unique than the rest and obviously on the top of the rest of the marketing strategies.
  • 15 Nov 2018
  • 9 748
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These images represent some great quality things that you will be happy to waste your money on. I already wasted all of my allowance for this month.
  • 13 Nov 2018
  • 9 136
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There is no middle ground when it comes to nailing it. Either you nail or you simply fail, so always get ready to be embarrassed when you attempt.
  • 11 Nov 2018
  • 34 827
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Images of this caliber do need Photoshop. The content and the photographer's talent is sufficient to make them breathe taking.
  • 8 Nov 2018
  • 8 950
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These things are only specific to Asians, you might not find these outside of Asia. You might say this is the peculiarity of this region.
  • 6 Nov 2018
  • 8 408
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Their tattoos were no good in the first place, but the cover-up is even worst. They should have spent more money and hired someone really good.
  • 3 Nov 2018
  • 11 304
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These people don't care about the rules, they love to go against them. They ain't taking orders from nobody, thus they do what they want to do.
  • 30 Oct 2018
  • 21 894
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