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The aesthetic properties of Timber Windows are unrivaled by pvc windows. The natural beauty of the timber can be varnished to leave the wood grain properties intact. Subtle paint finishes can be applied resulting in a more unique look. Structural properties are another great benefit of a timber window design due to the solid timber profile used in many situations. The timber window is able to withstand much more than a PVC window making this is the ideal durable choice. Timber Windows are a wise choice due to the sustainability of timber. Many of the timbers used in the manufacturing industry carry accreditations to certify they come from a reputable and sustainable source. This adds extra piece of mind knowing your windows have had a minimal impact on the environment. Timber is a classic example of sustainable and recyclable material requiring very low energy consumption to process, and is thermally efficient in use. Timber Windows are also beneficial due to their highly customizable design. Many window styles can be produced with a wide range of accessories such as locking mechanisms, restrictors, handles and fasteners. They can also be designed to blend in with existing products allowing for a more cost effective project for extensions or a replacement window. Your Timber Casement Windows would swing open with the assistance of a crank that is often operated from the interior of your house. The crank is often made of vinyl, metal or a wooden material. The older versions of Timber Casement Windows often come with wooden crank and they are likely to need new weather-stripping in order to keep out drafts and retain warm air inside your house. Wooden casements need no internal reinforcing due to their solid structure. The Timber Casement Windows of today combine all the style and character of traditional windows with modern day technology, providing extremely high performance without allowing tradition being compromised. Designs of Timber Casement Windows can va
  • 10 Nov 2017
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